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'Monoton' Font By Vernon Adams

I started this collection in February, just before I celebrated a 'big' number Birthday. Learning unexpectedly that someone I had known from my childhood, whom I had got back in touch with about 7 or 8 years ago, Vernon Adams, designer of 'Monoton' & many of the most popular internet fonts (Oswald, Pacifico & Oxygen to name a few!) had passed away in August 2016. It would also have been his Birthday in February. I had been unknowingly using many of Vernons fonts in my work. This news has reminded me of so many crucial things this year. The importance of family, not to take people or time for granted, or even think just because you are in touch of Facebook, they are still there,the threads that connect us, how they cross often without us even being aware, to leave something I am creatively proud of behind (still working on that!) & much more. Trying to do something positive, & say thank you for the fonts I use, I am donating 20% of sales of Monoton collection on my own website in September to their fundraiser on YouCaring.

Vernon Adams, father of two, was involved in a major scooter accident in 2014. Due to the severity of his injuries, he passed away on August 24, 2016. His wife Allison was left behind with their 6-year old daughter and 14-year old son. He was 49 years old.

Front row 2nd from RHS in orange cardi me, next to Vernon Adams in blue.

Kinson Primary School Reception circa 1972

Vernon Adams’ Story

Vernon was the creator of many of the most popular fonts in the Google Font library. Vernon’s fonts have billions of views. He was passionate about creating libre fonts (free to use with no licence) His most popular creation, Oswald, a reworking of the classic Alternate Classic typeface, has over 506.4 billion lifetime views via Google Fonts, with many of his other fonts topping the charts as well. Oxygen has 42 billion views, and Nunito, Muli, and Francois One have each been cracked the 30+ billion view count mark as well. To see just how many fonts he created and how many views each one has, check out Google Font Analytics and search for “Vernon Adams” — the results are staggering.

Vernon’s family receives no royalties for his massive library of fonts. He was paid ‘up-front’ for his creations, which were then uploaded to the web for use without royalties. This means that Vernon Adams’ surviving family no longer has his income to depend on, and there is no inbound stream of royalties available to help pay their bills. It seems he didn’t have life insurance, either.

Fundraiser on YouCaring to raise funds for their family.


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