A big Welcome to Lovehart's blog.

From my little patch of Earth, a tiny corner of heaven in Devon, a diary of thoughts, questions, progress & development, highs & lows on the rollercoaster of work & life!

Please feel free to comment or get in touch so I know I am not speaking to myself!


So I know blogger, Vloggers , Facebookers & Tweeters are supposed to be light hearted, funny & positive, but it has been a while since I blogged & real life isn't always quite as upbeat as social media sometimes makes out, don't you think? So my web site has been woefully abandoned for 2 years despite me paying for ecommerce hosting for it, because I have been too busy making orders that come in from other platforms & I have not given it the priority it deserves! (Am I procrastinating?) Being self employed I miss having someone who is expecting things of me, expecting me to finish my website by a certain date. So it keeps getting pushed to the back burner. The most important thing.

So here is my affirmation. By the end of May I will have 50 things live on Etsy (I am half way there) By the end of June my website will be....(pause while I think) finished. There, I have said it. Who may be listening is another thing!

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